Our research lab develops machine learning methods with broad goals of data integration and model interpretation for biological and biomedical applications.

Lab dinner (farewell to the seniors) at Plant City, Providence (May 2022)
Clockwise: Jeremy Bigness, Pinar Demetci, Ritambhara Singh, Michal Golovanevsky, Amina Abdullahi, Hyeyeon Hwang, Jiaqi Zhang, Atishay Jain, Ghulam Murtaza, Haider Asif, Hossam Zaki, Madeline Hughes, Justin Sanders.

Join our lab!

The lab is looking for highly motivated students, with strong computational skills, who are excited about developing data-driven approaches to solve important problems in biology and health sciences.

Required skills for lab members include basic UNIX/Linux competency and programming ability (preferably in Python). Coursework or project experience in machine learning and/or deep learning is highly preferred.

Prospective students, please apply directly to the CCMB or CS graduate programs at Brown and mention me in your application (no e-mails please!).

If you are at Brown and interested in joining the lab or a researcher interested in collaborating with us, please e-mail ritambhara@brown.edu.

Interested students at Brown are highly recommended to attend my Deep Learning in Genomics course in the Fall (CSCI 2952-G) or Deep Learning course in the Spring (CSCI 1470/2470).

Lab Members

Ritambhara Singh
Assistant Professor
Computer Science

Ph.D. Students

Pinar Demetci
(Co-advisor: Sorin Istrail)
Computational Biology
Jiaqi Zhang
Computer Science
Atishay Jain
Computer Science
Ghulam Murtaza
Computer Science
Michal Golovanevsky
(Co-advisor: Carsten Eickhoff)
Computer Science
Amina Abdullahi
(Co-advisor: Carsten Eickhoff)
Computer Science
Hyeyeon Hwang
(Co-advisor: Nikos Tapinos)
Computational Biology
Whitney Sloneker (Rotation)
(Co-advisor: Lorin Crawford)
Computational Biology
Ananya Pavuluri (Rotation)
(Co-advisor: Erica Larschan)
Computational Biology

Masters Students

Zhirui Li
Data Science
Dongjun Shin
Data Science

Undergraduate Students

Shalin Patel
Senior Honors Thesis
Nitya Thakkar
Senior Honors Thesis
Chris Chae
Akira Nair
Manav Chakravarthy
Wangdrak Dorji
Yuan Pu
Senior Honors Thesis
Alexander Le
Senior Honors Thesis
Momoka Kobayashi
Senior Honors Thesis
David Inho Lee
Senior Honors Thesis
Jay Gopal
Eva Schiller
Bumjin Joo

Research Assistants

Hardy Bright
M.S in Data Science

Former Lab Members

Doctoral Students
Jeremy Bigness (Co-advisor: Erica Larschan) [CompBio] → Research Scientist at Agilent
Rebecca Santorella (Sandstede Lab) [APMA] → Data Scientist at OM1

Masters’ Students
Adam Berkley (CS) → Associate Professional Staff at John Hopkins University
Camillo Saueressig (CS Concurrent MS) → TUM-LMU Medical program (Germany)
Suchen Zheng (CS) → Graduate student at Yale University

Undergraduate Students
Sally Zhi (Class ’22) → Software Engineer at Google
Jordan Idehen (Class ’22) → Software Engineer at Spotify
Madeline Hughes (Class ’22) → Post Graduate Research Assistant at Microsoft Research
Hossam Zaki (Class ’22) → Brown University Medical School
Justin Sanders (Class ’22) → Graduate student at the University of Washington
Muhammad Haider Asif (Class ’22) → Software Engineer at Microsoft
Shreya D’Souza (Class ’21) → Information Systems Associate at Amgen
Ishaani Kahtri (Class ’21) → Brown University Medical School
Xavier Loinaz (Class ’21) → Post Graduate Research Assistant at Broad Institute
Lucas Paulo de Lima (Class ’21) → University of Cambridge Medical School
Giselle Garcia (Class ’21) → Software Engineer at Capital One
Elliot Kang (Class ’20) → Software Engineer at Palantir

Visiting Students and Research Assistants
Thulasi Varatharajan (University of Pittsburgh): Leadership Alliance Summer Research – Early Identification Program (SR-EIP) 2021

Carmen Boyan (Classical High School, Providence RI)


We are located at the Center of Computational Molecular Biology (3rd Floor, 164 Angell Street)