Lab Updates

September 2020:
Dr. Singh presents our paper, titled “Unsupervised manifold alignment for single-cell multi-omics data” at the ACM-BCB 2020

Dr. Singh gets featured in the Brown University Graduate Women/Womxn in STEM’s campaign #thisiswhatascientistlookslike (read full interview here)

July 2020:
Pinar Demetci and Rebecca Santorella present our paper, titled “Gromov-Wasserstein optimal transport to align single-cell multi-omics data.”, as spotlight talks and posters at ISMB MLCSB 2020 and ICML Workshop on Computational Biology 2020.

Pinar receives a fellowship award at ICML WCB and Rebecca wins the Best Poster Award there for her presentation.

June 2020:
Dr. Singh co-organizes the first ever Brown Unconference, a Brown-only virtual conference on machine learning and data science to foster collaboration across different application domains

The lab has a strong presence at the Brown Unconference with student presentations from Adam Berkley, Camillo Saueressig, Jeremy Bigness, Pinar Demetci, and Shalin Patel

Lucas Paulo de Lima Camillo receives the SPRINT award for Summer ’20 to investigate the role of methylation in ageing using machine learning

April 2020:
Jeremy Bigness successfully achieves the first milestone of his Ph.D. – an exploratory meeting with the committee for his proposal

The lab is awarded the Brown COVID-19 Seed Award with Dr. Singh as a Co-PI

Sally Zhi is awarded the UTRA fellowship for Summer ’20 to work on integrating clinical datasets for Glioblastoma

January 2020:
Our lab is awarded the COBRE CBHD Institutional Pilot Award for investigating long-range genomic regulation using deep learning models

The lab joins the ENCODE Consortium as an affiliate member

September 2019:
Singh Lab @ Brown is established with Jeremy Bigness as the first student member